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We are so proud to be able to share this poster translated to Spanish as well. Thank you so much Pablo Lischinsky for this great translation of the Product Ownership poster 🙂 Please feel free to use in your works it and share it as you like.

Here you can download it in high resolution (as PDF) for great big printouts >

Agile Product Ownership Poster in a Nutshell in Spanish

Here you find the original Agile PO poster in English as well >

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell – Free Poster

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The Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell poster that I published a few weeks ago has now been downloaded over 1000 times already, and there has been lots of great feedback. It is so great to see how it is being used all over the world. Now it has been translated to Italian as well thanks to the wonderful Angela Maile. Thank you so much Angela!

You can download the Free Italian poster here in high resolution for great print out (PDF) >

Italian Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell

Here is Angelas blog >

Here you find the original Agile PO poster in English as well >

Agile Product Ownership in a Nutshell – Free Poster

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As many of you might know, the product owner role is perhaps the most difficult role in the Agile setup. It sometimes feels like it takes super powers to manage. Here I have tried to capture some of the important mindsets, processes and tools that I find valuable for coaching and training Product Owners and Agile Teams and leaders.

As a product Owner you need an understanding of what value the business wants to accomplish (not necessary how the business works), strategic and tactical skills in the craft of product development (mostly done by slicing), ability to work together with the team in the discovery process and with the stakeholders to understand their needs and goals and great communication skills to manage expectations.

UPDATE MAY 22nd 2017: Now you can download this poster in Italian  >

UPDATE JUNE 4th 2017: Now you can download this poster in Spanish >

UPDATE JANUARY 1st 2018: Now you can download this poster in French >

Download the Free Agile Product Ownership Poster in English as high resolution (PDF) >
Product Ownership Poster

As Agile practices proves to work better than other practices and spreads, it starts to involve the organization outside of IT or the development department. When companies start moving towards a more Agile organization across the silos, they might realize they are missing actual product owners and a product owner organization with representation from the business, and they bring in people from the business side to the PO role. What might strike many new product owners is how different the Agile way of working is (usually they love it), and how different the PO role is from their earlier experiences, maybe as a mid level manager. The product ownership is about NOT managing the details, NOR the people. ItŽs NOT EVEN about knowing what the solution should be. It might off course seem a bit frightening and confusing to some people, depending of the company culture off course, to focus on vision and learning along the way what is the right thing to do.

The Agile Product Ownership (not role) is about trusting in the capabilities of the team, and the process of learning as a team, prototyping and testing to find what is valuable and deliver piece by piece. The every day of Agile business and working as a Product Owner is about delivering value. And it is so rewarding when you know that you can do that, even though you in the early stages had no idea what the solution would feel like or look like, and that was probably the only thing you could agree about 🙂 Being able to trust that process and using proper methods to learn and deliver valuable solutions piece by piece, and doing it over and over again. That is what good product ownership is about – and itÂŽs teamwork, not a one mans job. (more…)

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A while ago I received a Tweet from Nicolas Mereaux that he had translated my free (the wonders of creative common 🙂 poster on Agile in a Nutshell, to French, as well as the blog post it self 🙂 Such a nice gesture. Hope you enjoy it too!

Here you can download the French poster in high resolution (PDF)>

Agile en resume poster

Here is the full Agile in a Nutshell blogpost in French.

All other Agile posters in all languages can be found through the Agile Explained Infographic Collection page >


Free to download, use and share

The poster and other content is published under Creative Commons License, so please use it and share it as you like. If you are interested in doing a translation to any other languages (Chinese is coming soon) please let me know and I will help you with the file and publish it here in the blog as well.

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Here you find the “Product Discovery and Delivery process with one team” as a PDF poster if you like to download it >

Ever since I saw Henrik Knibergs movie “PO in a nutshell” about how the PO role work for the first time I have been thinking about how he could have included the discovery process in the picture too. A while ago I created this as an example of how it could look and work for a X-functional team.

All ideas could be good ideas

The process starts with some kind of idea that could come from any stake holder – even from anyone in the team (this is usually a very rare occasion in most companies). The idea is verified in a concept (see example of a concept in my blog post on discovery framework) by the owner of the idea and the Product Owner decides if it worth starting the discovery process to figure out what it is they are supposed to build – or if it is not, based on the information in the concept.

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konverteringsoptimerin och hypoteser pÄ lantmÀnnen

I september höll jag en endagskurs hos LantmÀnnen i Konverteringsoptimering & Digital Design, som Àven inkluderade user research, anvÀndbarhet och effektstyrning och agil metodik. Den hÀr dagen var starten pÄ en serie utbildningar för LantmÀnnens centrala IT och marknad samt alla webbansvariga för respektive varumÀrke.

Tanken pÄ en gemensam grundutbildning föddes i vÄras av Anette Lovas som Àr centralt ansvarig för alla LantmÀnnens 35 EPI-webbar.

I min roll som centralt IT ansvarig för alla EPI-webbar sÄg jag en möjlighet att bidra med en gemensam kompetensplattform i modern utfallsdriven webbutveckling för att ge alla möjlighet att inte bara förvalta respektive webb, utan ocksÄ förbÀttra löpande pÄ ett effektivt sÀtt. Vi behövde lÀra oss att anvÀnda rÀtt data som beslutsunderlag för att skapa anvÀndarnytta och driva affÀrsvÀrde Àven online. Mia var given som kurshÄllare för den första delen av utbildningarna med sin erfarenhet inom konverteringsoptimering och effektstyrning samt att hon de senaste Ären har hÄllit mÄnga liknande utbildningar pÄ Crisp.

Webbansvariga i vĂ„ran organisation arbetar vĂ€ldigt mycket ensamt ute i organisationen och har fĂ„ gemensamma kontaktytor. Utbildning Ă€r ocksĂ„ ett sĂ€tt att mötas och diskutera hur vi pĂ„ LantmĂ€nnen ska arbeta med vĂ„ran onlinenĂ€rvaro, hitta synergier och utnyttja varandras olika kompetenser. “


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Product Discovery defines what should be built – and why. Collaboration Is Key. Your success with agile development depends on delivering the right product requirements at the right time.

During the past few years when I have been working as Lead UX or Product Owner I have come to a core process of how to do the discovery. At my latest gig on Viaplay as Chief Product Owner I had great use of some of these methods and also found it to be a great tool to have it visualised for all Product Owners in a one pager.

Within this process I see lots of different methods that may be used.As I use it I pick different methods in each level depending on organisation, product or project. Sometimes not all steps are neccesary off course. When working methodically for some time you start getting a feel for what seems like a good ide or not.

In this post I’m presenting a framework of the process as well as the methods in short formats. I will try to post more in dept posts on some of the methods going forward. Please let me know what methods you would like to know more about 🙂 Hope you find it useful in your daily work.

Download the one pager for Product Process and Tools here >

Here is my blogpost on the product development process with a continuous discovery and delivery process with one team >

Note: Due to some lazyness there are some Swedish material in this article also – sorry for that!

1. Strategy

Why are we doing this? What is the goal & desired impact? 

1.1 Concept
Concepts enables people passionate about a product idea, regardless of role, to realise it all the way to happy client. Concepts is a one page specification, in A3 format that represents a product idea of feature. It is enough to enable a prepared conversation with engineers developing the product. Think of it as a “flexible minimum specification”.  Mattias Skarins blog post on this http://www.crisp.se/concepts

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 11.08.12

Here you can download the Concept template I have created from Mattias Skarins examples > (more…)

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