The Agile Leadership Bingo

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With the Agile Leadership Team Bingo, you can gamify your work with your leadership- and management improvements for yourself and your leadership team. Challenge each other to see how many “BINGO” you can get in a day, week, or month? 

FREE DOWNLOAD: Download the Agile Leadership Bingo as PDF >

Print it out, or use it digitally and bring it to your next leadership team meeting together with scissors and glue and we can guarantee that it will be one of the most fun and engaging leadership team meetings ever 🙂

Step one is of course to give everyone an idea of what Agile leadership is, and how it differs from traditional – and destructive leadership. And then have each and everyone come up with what behavior shifts that they would like to do – or what new you should start shifting in your management practices to enable a change in the direction you want.

You can also go with the pre-made one which is connected to the “7 Agile Team Principles” and coach your team to success.

Learn more about the different type of leadership styles mentioned here in the Free Agile Transformational Leadership in a Nutshell Poster >

Learn more about patterns that help becoming an Agile organization >

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