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At Dandy People we support growth both our personal and our customers. Continuous improvement has always been part of an Agile Coach journey and learning from different fields and industries is what we believe makes a team of Agile Coaches great.

Looking for a inspiration? Look no further, few of us would like to share our January picks with you:


Eduardo Llanos Eduardo (Eddie) Llanos

Can’t get enough of this fantastic talk: “Why Agile Fails in Large Enterprises” by Mike Cottmeyer

“Why? Real concrete discussion on how to get the benefits of agile in a large complex organization. Pragmatic. Handson.”

Beata Padlo

Is discovering  the science behind the perfect timing techniques while reading Daniel H. Pink “When”

“This book totally changed my life in a way I look at time!
Did you know that by adjusting activities in your team to match different type of  personalities you can help your team grow and create inclusive culture. The one that doesn’t judge whether you are an early bird, middle bird or an owl you can create environment for everyone to thrive in.”

Catrine BjörkegrenCatrine Björkegren

Is aiming to get healthier with Lina Aurell, Mia Clase and their “Food Pharmacy”

“I find it interesting because I get to learn so much about the body, what fuel it needs and why. And at the same time it’s hands on things I can easily change in my life to feel better.” (more…)

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Many of our decisions, conclusions and actions in a team come about after a good meeting. But what is a ‘good meeting’? How do we make them productive, informative and how do we engage all invited in order to close it with the expected results. Meetings do come in many different shapes and forms, quick stand-ups, day or two long workshops, planning, retrospective the list goes on.

How do you engage people in effective collaboration? Should you entertain them? When you walk in loaded with your beautiful agenda, prepared meticulously ahead of the meeting, to find yourself demotivated by yawns of few attendees. And you, dear meeting goer, ever find yourself spending meetings daydreaming? Not feeling like your voice is heard? Already planning not to show up on the follow up meeting? Daydreaming? Sleeping?

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Att hålla workshops inom användarcentrerad produktutveckling – User Experience är något jag brinner för och gärna gör ute på konsultuppdrag,  kurser och hos kunder som jag coachar.

Genom att arbeta gemensamt, visuellt och iterativt i workshops med rätt metoder och bra ledning kan man få fram fantastiska resultat. Man lär sig av varandra och får in många bra idéer på kort tid och har möjlighet att utvärdera olika förslag utan att tid spills och artefakter utvecklas som inte ger eftertraktade effekter.

Här är en liten plansch med lite tips från mig till dig som vill hålla workshops – inom vad som helst egentligen. Generella tips för att få en bra struktur, bra resultat, glada kollegor eller kunder – och feedback för att bli ännu bättre. Planschen fanns med i materialet för kursen Digital Design och User Experience i veckan som var i Stockholm.

Här är workshoptips som nedladdningsbar PDF

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