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activity based officeActivity Based Seating is also known as flexible seating. It means you don’t have a desk of your own or a room and in some case that you need to find a new desk each day. Many times this type of seating also comes with a clean desk and wall policy.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about this phenomenon and it got quite a lot of reads and comments from a lot of people who felt they where forced in to this and that it caused them a lot of problems. As I tried to find data about how the seating effects people in Agile teams and their ability to do a good job, I realized there was nothing to be found. I decided to do a survey to try to dig a bit deeper.

Here you find my first post on this subject >

Data from this survey will be used for learnings around how Agile organisations should think about their seating to enable autonomous high performance teams. Dandy People will publish the result on our blog for anyone to use. We hope this will lead to better decision making around how to organize for Agility. The survey is anonymous and your answers will only be used to aggregate results to show how Activity Based seating may affect you at work.

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